Brick Rendering

brick rendering

08 Jan Brick Rendering

Brick rendering is an effective way to update your home’s façade. Brick homes were extremely popular decades ago. Nowadays, it’s common to see older homes covered with cement render. In an article for The New Daily, the managing director for Henley’s Property Group states, “In the 1990’s we started to see the introduction of rendering …” This is a modern look that suits most homes.

Leaving some brick exposed is possible if you want to show the heritage of your home. Combining exposed brick with the modern look of cement rendering is a great option. Materials other than cement can also be used for brick rendering. “…Rendering and the use of tiles, stone and timber cladding within façades has come into vogue in recent years.” (The News Daily)

Example of our brick rendering

Below are before and after images of a private project completed in Mona Vale. Follow this link for more details.
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